Spinning Professional Market: Accelerating Complementary Industry Upgrades

Editor's note: The economic outlook for Europe and the United States, the accelerated appreciation of crude oil, the rise in raw materials and labor costs, and the accumulation of various factors that are unfavorable to export companies, coupled with the recent exposure of SMEs, can not help but worry Is foreign trade company still quite alive?

Yiwu Small Commodity and Xiliu Garment Market are precisely a complementary market. Docking can enable the two parties to form complementary advantages and enhance each Other's influence.

“We have waited for a long time. We are going to work!” On October 24, 2011, a British journalist who came to the Canton Fair was blocked outside the door. Because they did not make an appointment in advance, they had to wait for the reply from the relevant department.

In fact, not only they, the Canton Fair, known as China's foreign trade barometer and wind vane, have caused many people concerned about the Chinese economy to be caught in anxiety. The economic prospects of the United States and Europe, the accelerated appreciation of crude oil, the rising costs of raw materials and labor, and the accumulation of various factors unfavorable to exporting companies, coupled with the plight of the recently exposed SMEs, can not help but worry that foreign trade companies still Is it good?

A staff member of an exhibitor company in Shenzhen participated in the Canton Fair for more than a decade. He told reporters that this year's Canton Fair was the coldest year the company had encountered in recent years. The economic downturn in Europe and the United States has directly affected their business. Several exhibitors said that customers in Europe and America have been significantly reduced this year.

Similarly, according to statistics from Yiwu Customs, in the first three quarters of this year, the volume of small commodities exported by Yiwu Customs increased by 6.90% year-on-year, while that of exports decreased by 11.10% year-on-year.

“Because of the debt crisis in Europe and the United States, the turmoil in the Middle East, and other factors, Yiwu’s small commodity exports have also been affected, and export goods are characterized by 'increase in price'.” General Manager, Zhejiang China Commodity City Group Co., Ltd. Assistant Hu Yanhu said in an interview with reporters recently.

According to Hu Yanhu, at present, the Yiwu commodity market is leading merchants to walk on both legs of foreign trade and domestic sales. Transferring domestic sales and cooperation with domestic large-scale wholesale and retail markets has become the quickest way.

On December 9, 2011, Yiwu China Commodity City and Haicheng Xiliu China Business City reached a consensus on the three strategic cooperations of product docking, merchant docking, and investment docking.

As for the reason for choosing Xiliu China Trade City for cooperation, Hu Yanhu stated that Xiliuda Market is one of China's garment wholesale markets that started earlier, has a large scale, and has a wide influence, and plays a decisive role in the northeastern region. The strong combination of Yiwu and Xiliu will enable Yiwu’s small commodities to take a firmer footing in the domestic market. Through the Xiliu market platform, Yiwu commodities can better cover the entire Northeast market and even larger regions.

“Cooperation with Xiliu China Trade City is Yiwu China Commodity City’s business strategy of walking both internationally and domestically. At the same time, Yiwu Small Commodity and Xiliu Apparel Markets are precisely a complementary market, and the matchmaking can enable both parties to form complementary advantages. Enhance each other's influence," said Hu Yanhu.

According to Vice Minister of Xicheng Town Committee of Haicheng City and Party Committee Member and Director Li Qingquan of Xiliu Market Construction Management Committee, in 2009, Xiliu strives to create a soft environment that is relaxed, fair, honest and hospitable, and has introduced a number of modern commercial enterprises to promote The upgrading of the market.

“Xilu China Trade City is the first company that has landed. Today, the vigorous operation of the Xiliu China Business City and the entry into merchant branding, exhibition trade, and professional management have enabled Xiliuda Market to rise against the trend.” said Li Qingquan. Today's Xiliu, new products, new markets and new opportunities have become a hot spot for all businesses to invest in entrepreneurship and competing for development.

Talking about the cooperation with the Yiwu Small Commodity Market, Chen Wei, general manager of Xiliu Trading & Trading Company, described it as “one shot”. He told reporters that the current foreign trade situation is not good, and the export-oriented Yiwu small commodity market is in urgent need of transforming business risks with the help of a domestic wholesale market like Xiliu Trade City. For merchants in Xiliu Trade City, it is now time for transformation and upgrading.

After analyzing the product structure of Xiliu Merchants, Chen Wei believes that the products of Xiliu China Trade City are mainly concentrated in men's clothing, men's jackets and trousers, and the product structure is single. The degree of homogeneity is more serious and the product quality needs to be improved. The same product, the same grade can only compete for the market through low-price competition. The reporter also saw in Xiliu China Trade City that, in the context of rising overall costs, Xiliu Men’s winter clothes were only available at prices of RMB 50-$100. Such prices could only be earned by the merchant.

“On such prices, the inventory of Xiliu merchants is still very large.” According to Chen Wei, there are weather reasons, but more is the lack of differentiated competitiveness of the Xiliu merchant's products, and the lack of in-depth study of market demand by companies. This time docking with the Yiwu Small Commodity Market, on the one hand, it will introduce more products for the market and enrich the product structure of the market; on the other hand, it will also organize the merchants to study and learn in the Yiwu Small Commodity Market and learn from Others about their innovative awareness and advanced management concepts.

"Currently, the Yiwu small commodity market is changing from 'selling the national products to the global market' to 'selling global products to the global market'. Many of its business ideas are very worthwhile for us to learn," said Chen Wei.

According to Chen Wei, cooperation with Yiwu Small Commodity Market is just one of Xiliu China Trade City's foreign cooperation projects.

In fact, as early as April of this year, Xiliu China Trade City and Guangzhou Baima Clothing Wholesale Market conducted product docking, and now they also docked with Yiwu China Commodity City. For Xiliu, on the one hand, it takes the initiative to undertake the transfer of the southern industries, especially Yiwu small commodities, so that the products of Xiliu will radiate the Northeast market more strongly. On the other hand, the docking between Xiliu and Yiwu not only connects the products, but also connects the management, operation and marketing concepts. The docking can promote the optimization and upgrading of the industries in the two places, enhance the popularity and reputation of Xiliu Market, and promote the clustering of Xiliu Market. Construction.

“This time, Yiwu China Commodity City and Xiliu China Trade City have cooperated and held the trade matchmaking meeting for the first time, which is not only the strong desire of the governments of the two places and the long-awaited merchants, but also the inevitable result of adapting to the current international and domestic economic situation.” Li Qingquan pointed out.

It is reported that during the 12th Five-Year Plan period, Xiliu will rely on the advantages of location transportation, trade logistics, and supporting industries to plan and construct 24 major professional market clusters, plan and build market supporting processing industrial parks, and comprehensively strengthen exchanges and cooperation with major professional markets in the south. Industrial integration, and strive for 3-5 years, Xiliu will become the largest one in northern China, the most complete category, the highest transaction volume of a one-stop consumer goods consumer goods center, North School clothing marketing center and business logistics distribution center.


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