2012 Spring popular children's clothing collecting a large collection of fashion forefront

Winter is coming, the pace of the spring is also approaching, the mothers have not thought how to dress up a good spring baby? We Xiaobian give you a collection of the spring of this year's children's clothing trends, so that mothers choose the most suitable for their baby's spring beauty it. Into the Korean fashion elegant range of children, through the neckline and sleeves at the shut to show and from different styles, black and gray temperament stripes for children's clothing, shows the little LORI "little adults mature" Oh. Elegant elegance lady adult MINI fitted, neckline and placket pink trim, while enhancing the overall silhouette of the clothes but also echoes the bottoms, super cute fluffy veil, soft and light gauze layering, the tone of the full dress And Association, upper body super superb look. Cotton children's wear knitted fabric, soft and comfortable breathable, simple cut, clean lines, casual and comfortable, coupled with beads flower necklace, immediately enhance the sense of quality clothes, highlighting the elegance of the princess, is home and Out of two suitable for a dress Oh. Full of rich Scottish style of adult MINI suit, clean plain at the end of the classic plaid spell, fashion lady lace embellishment, jacket vertical knit, horizontal flexible, fit the body without tension, grid Half-tight skirt pattern elastic waist, comfortable docile, and decorated with three-dimensional leather buckle.

Iranian rugs represent classical Persian designs.Among Oriental rugs made by  Eastern countries, Iranian Carpet stands out by the  various and exquisite designs.

Iranian Rugs from  Nanyang Carpet factory are made of natural silk and completely hand knotted,which are dense in feel, rich in color and clear in design. Particularly, 3'x5' Iranian rugs from Nanyang Carpet show their irresistible attraction with reliable quality ,fine craft ,subtle design and beautiful details,which can be used as decorative rugs placed in the living room,bedroom or study.

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3'x5' Iranian Rug

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