EASTALES Yishu Hubei Shiyan People's Square store opened

EASTALES is a beautiful and stylish oriental legend. The growth of EASTALES confirms the truth that "only the nation is the world." December 15, 2011, located in Shiyan, Hubei People's Square store should color Shiyan shops and malls over the same period grand opening. As the second branch after Changsha store brand in central China, Yi Shi Shiyan store will use the most popular shopping malls the best sales advantage of the rapid expansion of brand influence, the brand embarked on the development of the train.


Yise is committed to the integration of the international trend of oriental elements, the performance of women shades suitable, sweet charm of the trait. Through the incorporation of oriental-inspired elements into the international fashion version or the simplification and reappearance of oriental elements, YiSai has fully demonstrated its unique brand of clothing and cultural connotations in design, and also makes it the current international practice of success The performance of the Chinese style cutting-edge brand representatives.


Yi Shiyan shop will be all new brand new 2011 autumn and winter clothes. Autumn and winter 2011 series with simple and exquisite elegance, introverted atmosphere for the style, the use of luxury fabrics in cashmere, jacquard fabrics, Chinese ink-style printing and dyeing, styling aspects not only Straight profile, color gradient and other seasonal trend elements Have a good performance in clothing, Yi Sai's exclusive design has become a highlight. All kinds of exquisite printing skirts, three-dimensional suit, retro tunic, elegant fur, etc. Yicai 2011 autumn and winter in the noble, elegant temperament interpretation of a new concept of exquisite life, showing the elite women's elegant taste and extraordinary pursuit .


In the simple outline of the clothes to enrich the soul of the city, in the infinite memory of the true and beautiful, Yise color has always advocated a noble, rational, elegant and relaxed attitude to life, for the pursuit of unique taste, outstanding women to pass the most appropriate elite But fully show the personal style of dress attitude. Yiche will continue to work hard, uncompromising clothing continued attention to the image of women, so you make a lifelong beautiful and elegant woman.

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