May doll girls series underwear

Doll girls underwear positioning clear, well-designed, more different from the simple mature adult lingerie, charming and sexy, suitable for adolescent girls of all ages and personal differences in personality, as other products can not be replaced. As the world's leading professional girl underwear founder and girl health experts, doll clothes on the health of the young girl, beautiful girl life career, and actively advocate!


Doll girls girls underwear with double cotton padded cotton vest, demolition flexible girl mold cup or a word hanging neck vest Wai, plain and elegant, exquisite lightweight. Not only to take care of the little girl shy psychology, but also to effectively protect the breast, both healthy and comfortable and breathable bump, increasing the self-confidence of the little girl.


Girl doll girls underwear can be used without a steel support, a thin cotton or thin sponge cup, supporting the better full cup underwear, playful add fashion, nimble plus naughty. Not only can effectively protect the growth and development of the breast, but also to meet the girl's pursuit of personalized needs.

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