Nigeria: The government will introduce measures to promote the development of the textile industry

The Federal Government of Nigeria announced that it will introduce measures to increase the production of "Made-in-Nigeria" textiles to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets.

According to the Nigerian Minister of Trade and Investment, the department is currently formulating relevant policies and will focus its development on areas with core competitive advantages to promote the production of locally manufactured products in Nigeria. It is reported that this policy is also part of Nigeria's plan to develop the textile industry and can bring more wealth to the country. In addition, as the textile industry is a labor-intensive industry, the implementation of this policy will also create more job opportunities for Nigeria.

The Minister declared that the Ministry of Trade and Investment is currently actively cooperating with various stakeholders in the textile industry in order to solve various problems faced by the industry and increase the productivity of enterprises. He also pointed out that there are several problems in the textile industry that hinder the industry from achieving high capacity utilization, including the low quality of domestic production of cotton, the import of unqualified textiles, and access to low-interest-rate investment funds.

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