Little tiger Hannyi Kids: I wish the world Christmas children happy

Christmas is coming, the tiger Hanny brand children's wear I wish the healthy growth of children around the world, the children happy sweet smile is a small tiger Hanny children's childhood happy children's endless expectations. HANI TIGER children's clothing, European and Korean design style products, along with the happy growth of each child, to add color to their childhood, so that they are more happy and confident. HANNI TIGER children's clothing combined with the characteristics of China has been optimized to ensure that each child's fashion, leisure, fine and comfortable; for color, the fresh, crisp, elegant color as a basic color, with popular highlights As a decoration, "Little Tiger Hanyi" HANNI TIGER brand children's clothing variety and strong sense of the series, in the pursuit of fashion at the same time pay more attention to health, so that children's childhood more colorful. Dongguan tiger Hanni Clothing Co., Ltd. under the famous brand - "tiger Hannyi" targeted consumer groups targeted at 3 to 15 years old imaginative and expressive, the pursuit of fashion, healthy lifestyle, fashion children. Product prices located in mid-range, spring and summer 49-269, autumn and winter loaded 69-599. The main products include T-shirts, jackets, pants, skirts, cotton clothes, jeans, sportswear, fashion shoes, leisure bags, jewelry, etc. Wait. Adapt to the current domestic 95% of the regional and urban sales. "Tiger Hanyini" brand children's wear to "environmental protection, health, fashion, personality," for the purpose of welcoming customers at home and abroad to join.

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