What methods do you make to detect the quality of the p…

Most protective film manufacturers focus on the introduction of the product, so there are not many people who know the quality of the protective film. So how do we know the quality of the protective film, today Yihong electrostatic film teaches everyone a way to protect the qu ...more

2015 autumn and winter women's fashion trend wide b…

Wearing a clear waist line is the main point of the 2015 autumn and winter dress code. Want to create such a perfect line, so that the belt, girdle to help the smartest. It should be noted that in the jacket, vest, jumpsuit, dress, large belt or girdle is to show curves and relaxation. Board Shorts ...more

2015 autumn and winter women's trend wanderer style

The miniskirts and futuristic mood in the 1960s made the girls crazy, but the Bohemianism of the 1970s conveyed the atmosphere of romantic freedom. It was like a romantic poetry of a wanderer. 2015 autumn and winter popular bohemian wave, who will this poetic interpretation of the most moving? Flee ...more

Free People Women's Clothing September 2015 Clothin…

Free People Women's Fashion In September 2015, the Free People brand continued to pursue the freedom and quality of creativity. It is known worldwide for multiple design concepts such as Bohemian, Metropolitan, Sweet, Avant-garde and Sexy. EmbossingEmbossing Fabric,Embossed Velvet Fabric,Emboss ...more

Button plating process through several steps?

1, the plating metal is connected to the anode 2. Connect the plating piece to the cathode 3. The anode and cathode are connected by an electrolyte solution composed of positive ions of the plated metal 4. After the direct current power is applied, the anode metal undergoes an ox ...more

[Common Textiles Manual] Curtains

Overview Curtains belong to the category of hang-ups, and their area forms a strong attention in the room. The curtains not only have functions such as shading and heat insulation, cold preheating, sound insulation and noise reduction, and adjustment of light, but also can beautify t ...more