Overview of Polypropylene (PP) Plastics

Polypropylene is a general-purpose resin closely related to our daily lives. It is the most important downstream product of propylene. 50% of the world's propylene and 65% of our country's propylene are used to make polypropylene. Polypropylene is the world's fastest-growing general-pur ...more

2015 spring and summer trend elements: stylish tannin

This season, there is a wide range of denim fashion with hunting style and military uniform style. For example Agnès B, Gucci, Michael Kors, Rag & Bone and other brands, the whole body of denim wear has also become a trend, a new interpretation of the new look of denim fabric. . Very attract ...more

Asians wearing suits do not look good? The truth is you…

Handsome men in suits? Handsome is not it? Why do some people always say that Asians wear bad suits? Actually, there is no such thing as Asians wearing suits not looking good. The source of all problems is your taste is too low. Do not believe? There are pictures of the truth ... From selling ins ...more

The reason why men also want to buy jade is so full.

Jade is the favorite of men and women in the world. Men love jade, love is hard to divide, the jade is made into a waist card, pendants, town house ornaments, set with a knife, even at the expense of jade, gold crown, jade belt and other jade into the tomb. Emerald is a sy ...more

The benefits of improving the planarity of dye molecule…

The Novacron LS type reactive dye developed by Huntsman is a low-salt reactive dye, and LS is suitable for low salt dyeing. The double-fluorine s-triazine active groups in the molecular structure are connected by a special bridging structure, and the relative molecular mass is large, t ...more

Barcola successful hand on the stage rhyme rhyme Shenzh…

July 12, Music Show and Baccarat children's fashion show in Shenzhen Grand Theater stage opening. In addition to the scene more than 800 viewers also specially invited CCTV children's channel "Golden Bean" brother and Shenzhen financial channel beauty anchor "Huang Ling" ...more

NAERSI Naersi 2015 autumn and winter women's advert…

In 2015 autumn and winter, NAERSI entered Nordic. Self-confident independent women meet the happy country unexpectedly. In pure and refined Scandinavian style, it is fashionable and elegant. Inheriting a comfortable and comfortable style without losing a variety of styles, it is a modern and refine ...more