Pakistan Textile Association wants to exclude PSF from import vouchers

All Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Association (APTMA) requested the Ministry of Commerce to exclude Polyester Staple Fiber (PSF) from the veto. The current veto has been completed with India.

The All Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Association hopes that this issue will coincide with India’s Minister of Industry and Commerce Anand. Sharma discussed and Sharma arrived in Pakistan on February 13 for a three-day visit to promote bilateral trade relations between the two countries.

Polyester staple fiber is a basic raw material for making artificial textiles. There is a huge gap between supply and demand in Pakistan. The free import of polyester staple fiber from India will benefit all man-made fiber-oriented industries from yarn to apparel.

Akbar, the vice president of the All Pakistan Textile Manufacturers Association, said: "All Pakistani Textile Manufacturers Association asks the Ministry of Commerce not to include polyester staple fiber in the veto because we want a fair price in our market. ."

Akbar once again explained: "Pakistan's production capacity can not meet the demand. At present, we import from China and other countries, because we do not import from India, although for us, from the logistics point of view, cheaper to import from India. ”

In analysing the allowed free import of yarns and the inability to import polyester staple fibres, Akbar said: "The yarns can be freely imported from India, but the restrictions on the import of polyester staple fibres from India mean that they can be on our market. Dumping yarns, therefore, to compete with them, we need to import yarns freely from India.If we are not able to freely import yarns from India, we will have a spread, and the prices of yarns made from polyester staple fiber will be more expensive. ”

Regarding other issues that may be discussed with the visiting Minister Shama, Akbar said: “There are issues that Pakistan is really concerned about. There are different taxes and tariffs in various Indian provinces, and there are some laboratories in India. We need to Where our products are sent for testing is a lengthy process, because we will invite the Minister of Industry and Commerce of India to make this process more streamlined.If Pakistan does not levy any taxes on India’s commodities, then it should not import the other side. Taxes. This will ensure two mutual benefits."

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