Summer boys T shirt with boys how to wear what color T-shirt

T-shirt is our style can be seen everywhere, but also more classic style, when the classic encounter hot summer will adhere to the classic? White T-shirt is the most classic color, but this summer we can not embellished with white, light-colored T-shirt can also be very classic fashion, Bunny-Mark children's bright color T-shirt with. Although the boys' T-shirt will not be as much color as the girls, but the men's T-shirt is very delicate each color, sapphire yellow stitching yellow, calm blue stitching yellow vitality, the overall mix of more refined sense, Lower body to match a white casual shorts is suitable for summer wear. Yellow, how can such a dazzling color of the blue-blue embellishment? If you do not know what kind of yellow color with good-looking, then the blue is your best choice, dazzling T shirt match a pair of dark jeans, this mix is ​​very seaside atmosphere Oh.

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