Aino Women's successful signing contract Songgang, Guanyao two new stores

In this warm spring full of vitality in April, Aino Qi Women's contract to join also continue to force! On April 5, two new stores were successfully signed in Guangdong Province, namely Shenzhen Songgang and Foshan Kilns. The successful signing of two new stores this time can be said to further consolidate the Aino Women's clothing in Guangdong market position, but also for the Guangdong women continue to bring the most beautiful fashion with the choice!


Aino Qi is a famous brand specializing in fashion ladies' wear. It is the first international clothing company based on ladies and gentlemen to promote fashion. It was founded in Hong Kong, an international fashion capital, and has been stationed in the Pearl River Delta region for gradual radiation All over the country.


Ainoky is a rising star of the Chinese fashion brand with a brightly colored and colorful butterfly. The design concept, simple storefront, sleek minimalist design, and precise locking of young urban women aged 18-35 are attractive.

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