Candy-colored pants with tops candy-colored pants with what fabric

Candy colors that we can see the usual color, but will hesitate on the choice of clothing color, candy colors do not know how to mix, Soren love women's candy-colored pants with clothing, candy-colored pants can also wear clothing with thin feeling, Take a look at how candy-colored pants wear thin.

Picture credit: Ascendant Women 2014 spring and summer new

Thin is a lifetime pursuit of girls, no matter what age was thin is the most important, girls see themselves in the mirror is always fat, always say weight loss, in fact, the fat standard is the most standard body, light yellow Casual pants with chiffon shirt, white chiffon shirt with light yellow, this dress is absolutely attractive in the spring and summer.

糖果色裤子搭配上衣 糖果色裤子配什么面料

What color of the spring and summer of the most non-resistant to you, this blue pants is not very refreshing it? Coupled with a doll shirt is very tender, white with blue is absolutely fresh, not very self-cultivation design, but very thin Oh.

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