Warm congratulations to Gushang G-brand children's clothing store opened in Guangzhou Austrian Park

Warm congratulations to the G-brand children's clothing Guangzhou Austrian Park new store grand opening, want to buy new clothes for the baby's moms do not miss it, the new store opened during the many concessions, many super spring summer 2014 with you to dress up children as the most Dazzling tide child. G-brand from the Korean fashion style, personality, fashion, self-confidence into the design, closely follow the international fashion trend, the integration of rich colors and artistic expression, make full use of collision color, splicing, pleated and other processes, kneading The love of parents, the beauty of life, the art of rhyme, interpretation of the children are full of hope, happiness and happiness of extraordinary childhood, to create a new idea of ​​children's clothing! G-Brand is uniquely applied in color, and its basic colors of red, yellow, fluorescent, green, black, white, gray and natural colors, that is, high-grade and childlike, and G-Brand For its accessories, all the time to bring out the wearer delicate, full of healthy, stylish modern life unique temperament.

This kind of Functional Fabric is usually treated by adding functional materials, adding various preparations and processes in the production process and finishing process. The special functions usually include flame retardant,waterproof,oil proof,anti-static,anti-mosquito,hygroscopicity and quick drying,easy-care,antibacterial,anti-UV,infrared retardant,etc.

Finishing Treatment Fabric

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