Two categories of water-soluble fabrics for embroidered fabrics

Water-soluble cloth, also known as non-woven embroidered cloth, can be dissolved in warm water and non-woven interlining. The unacetalized polyvinyl alcohol fiber is used as a raw material, and a dry-laid, solvent-bonded method is used for fixing the net. It is mainly used as a lining for embroidering. It can also be used to make decorative paper flowers. Water-soluble cloth is most commonly used in terry cloth and flannel, and used as a face lining to prevent wool. In addition, some high-priced products will be water-soluble cloth as a backing or face lining to improve product quality. Instead of interlacing and braiding the yarns one by one, the fibers are bonded directly together by physical means, so when you get the sticky name in your clothes, you will find that It is impossible to draw a single thread. Nonwoven fabric breaks through the traditional textile principle, and has the characteristics of short process flow, fast production speed, high output, low cost, wide application and many raw materials.

The silk-drawing embroidered cloth and the water-soluble cloth are suitable for fabrics of various materials, and the two embroidered cloths each have their own characteristics.

After the water-soluble cloth is finished, it can be dissolved in water (normal temperature water, ordinary tap water) within 5 minutes, and no trace will be left on the embroidery.

After the embroidery is completed, the silk-spun embroidery can be used to remove each of the silk-spun embroidery threads, which is very suitable for fabrics that cannot be washed.

Wool cushions are mainly made of sheepskin fur, processed by skin, dyeing, nailing, cutting, ironing, and cloth. Often used in high-end home clubs, car interiors, crafts decoration, etc.

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