Thousands of years of "metamorphosis" 2013 spring and summer new orders will be perfect ending

From September 14 to September 15, 2012, Qianmei Nianhua Metamorphosis, the spring and summer new order fair in 2013, was successfully held in Wei Shuang Company. The Millennium brand special orders at the fair, from across the country thousands of dealers agency dealers together to enjoy the Millennium released the latest spring and summer underwear 2013 trends products.

Conference will be "transformation" as the theme, the use of dynamic catwalks, static explanation, science and technology sound and light and a series of three-dimensional approach, the perfect expression of the Midannotes on the "thousands of life, Mood for Love" longing for life, displaying the Millennium brand New strategic planning and positioning, this is a new starting point, a new leap forward.


Thousands of years, positioned to create four seasons fashion underwear brand new category of the first brand to promote the "thousands of life, the delicate life of Mood for Love" for the vision, leading the "underwear Waichuan" trend, is committed to the domestic fashion young family service. As a completely different from the traditional bra home service, a new category of brand, Chianti Nianhua to further explore the future of fashion apparel buds and trends, from personalized products, to the differentiation of marketing strategies, and then to a diversified channel model, and the industry The existing product brands form a sharp difference. Opened up a "non-traditional, fashion, four seasons," underwear a new road to accelerate the development and production of underwear sales innovation and innovation, subvert the traditional habits of underwear and consumer awareness. Just a short period of more than two years of operation, so that Chrysanthemum years performance soar by leaps and bounds, get the industry colleagues take great grudges, the face of achievements thousands of years without pride, did not stop the pace of progress, but be vigilant in peace time, innovation and change.


Thousands of years of brand this year's orders compared with previous years, there are many different places, a full range of changes and enhancements, bright spots, so bright around the agency partners, whom heart surprise endless.

First, the conference center of gravity is not only new orders, more communication and cooperation with partners, all partners on the brand brainstorming, positioning and planning and layout, focusing on customer satisfaction and rapid precision orders up the work of up.

For example, before the meeting of all partners, we gathered together to exchange information on the dynamics of their respective markets, discuss the future development of the brand in the world of Thousands of Love, and analyze and share the regional markets next to the promotion and sale of the Mid-Autumn Festival planning layout, the company Leaders of the headquarters also elaborated at the meeting the strategy year of 2013, the new measures, the new policy, the three-year strategic plan and the policy support of the five major markets. The actual support benefited all customers and greatly enhanced our confidence. At the same time, all the staffs in the headquarters also listened attentively. All the customers put forward a lot of valuable opinions on product R & D and production, brand positioning planning, marketing strategy and customer service.


Second, the planning of this meeting is very careful. We have made very meticulous arrangements for all aspects. We have used a number of first scientific and technological means to help improve the quality and efficiency of orders. For example, the whole scene of the upstairs and downstairs dynamic show planning and design Participate in the whole immersive, LED sound and light color projection technology to three-dimensional visual environment to feel the details of the product, but also for the first time using the Tablet PC to see the picture number order, coupled with sub-series of static display and one-to-one staff assistance, Order the entire order will be reasonable and orderly, efficient and efficient, orgasm. After the dynamic morning catwalks and LED product commentary, coupled with afternoon static display and computer ordering process, a round of selection, try on, out, push explosion models, make up a quick order, the order quantity greatly exceeded the expected goal, All customers of the four seasons thousands of New Year underwear also gave a very high rating, the next sale is full of information.


Thousands color life, Mood for Love!

Thousands of years underwear brand new spring and summer 2013 conference launch of a grand, the meeting not only reached the company's established plan, and to enable customers to have a full, deep understanding of the Millennium. At the same time, more importantly, we all unanimously discussed and adopted the latest brand strategy positioning and planning for the Millennium, to transform the annual innovation and development of the 2013 Thousand Year Time strategy to sounded the horn, which will become the history of the Millennium brand development in large Events, but also witnessed the rapid growth of the market together.

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