Erdos sub-brand Austrian group of sweaters on the warmth of human love

The major fall and winter show field, frequently appeared in a variety of high-profile wool clothing products to the fashion world into a comfortable warmth. In the pursuit of a variety of gorgeous materials, the world's oldest natural material - wool, into the fashion hall into people's sight, spike in a variety of film, let people re-texture Full of material admiration. In China, referring to the sweater, many consumers will naturally think of Ordos, his success is self-evident, its sub-brand - Austrian group in the field of sweaters also has a "magnificent" spirit Adhering to the low-carbon, free, comfortable and healthy lifestyle clothing reflects the Ordos Austrian brand values, while giving the warm advocate a positive and healthy quality of life attitude. Erdos sweater products were successful, stems from the modern scientific management, adhere to the essence of extending Ordos Austrian brand, the international forefront of popular information and the use of the latest equipment and craft to create a woman's elegant, dignified and men's smart, Resolute. To diversify the design style and the comfort of wool to the extreme, in order to achieve the Austrian-style sweater natural and classic style. To fully enjoy the warmth and comfort of the sweater, enhance self-image. In a time of individual pursuit, the changes worn on different occasions are also precisely controlled by the Austrian group of designers. Men's casual and romantic, women's Anna style, the real consumer-friendly design is good clothing, without the pursuit of luxury, "fit" is the essence of today's fashion. All of the design concept through professional reinterpretation reflects the style, the changes in the yarn organization or re-processing and decoration means. Jacquard patterns, hot drilling, metal zipper and button use, creating a woman's elegant, dignified and men's smart, resolute. Relative to the ever-changing women's clothing, men's sweaters tend to be more obvious color, natural and classic Austrian-style sweaters, a wide range of design will be the comfort of wool to the extreme. At the same time, the city at an appropriate price to give urban men and women to enhance self-image consumer demand, which is Austrian group brand consolidation and durability of the foundation. Erdos Aoqun sweater from 2006 so far for seven consecutive years ranked first in the market share of similar goods. Not only the formation of a broad consumer groups and social beauty and reputation, the annual sales volume has reached 2 million, the quality of their products has become the representative of China's industry, and some of the technological level is actually better than the international standards or more stringent; its high Quality product specifications than the developed countries in Europe and the United States emphasis on simplicity of fashion to maintain the classic nature of the classic, with a more colorful multi-ethnic forms and historical and cultural heritage. As an enterprise dedicated to providing care to global customers, Ordos Group represents the warmth and care of the environment and human beings. Erdos Group represents a free, comfortable and healthy lifestyle. At the same time, Ordos Group "represents more tenacious, persistent pursuit of the spirit!

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