TK & Arneline Fashion Women's Spring 2013 “Aristocratic Complex” Spring Ordering Ceremony was Held on October 15th

Cardinline (Dongguan) Garment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993, with the business philosophy of “leading the international fashion trend”, becoming a well-known high fashion brand agent and distributor. Carvin has successively sold more than 10 prestigious international famous brands such as MAXMARA, CHRISTAIN, GIVETCHY, DIESEL, etc. that have been sold in Europe.

TK & Arneline Fashion Women's Spring 2013 “Aristocratic Complex” Spring Ordering Ceremony was Held on October 15th

Whether it is in brand promotion, business planning, terminal management, etc., Carmen Lynn has been working hard to continuously innovate and gain a lot of praise in the apparel brand agency community. At present, Carmen Lynn has obtained domestic management rights and production rights for Kacardin (UK), a 16-year-old company in Europe, focusing on its amanlin and cacaline brands. In the next few years, we will combine domestic sales channels, and rely on wholesale and e-commerce platforms to meet consumer demand in all directions and explore the domestic market. Kavin Lin (Dongguan) Co., Ltd. has always been at the forefront of the world trend, and Karvin Klein apparel is bound to bring British diversity of women's wear to every corner of China, creating super fashion for Chinese women. In the 16th anniversary of its establishment, Kacardin (UK) has already had more than 100 image stores in 24 countries in the European Union. Major markets include London, England, Paris, France, Milan, Italy, Barcelona, ​​Spain, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands. The company strictly implements the ISO9001 international quality management system standards and fully implements ERP system management. At present, after a thorough investigation of the Chinese market and a careful study of apparel franchisees, we have teamed up with domestic Karwenlin (Dongguan) Garments Co., Ltd. to enter China's fashion metropolis with the strongest advantage, and strive to build for domestic franchisees. The clothing brand brings exciting business opportunities to many visionary franchisees!

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