Asians wearing suits do not look good? The truth is you taste too low

Handsome men in suits? Handsome is not it? Why do some people always say that Asians wear bad suits? Actually, there is no such thing as Asians wearing suits not looking good. The source of all problems is your taste is too low. Do not believe? There are pictures of the truth ... From selling insurance to hegemony president From real estate agents to overbearing president From upstairs juvenile to overbearing president You say that this is a suit or a problem? Speaking of very good-looking US fireworks, I have to vote "SUITS" a vote. Whether the plot or dress can make a good score. Considering the topic we talked about today, we start with the dress in the play. This drama reflects the United States suit culture. A drama called "SUITS" is irrelevant to the suit no matter what. Harvey is a standard gold medal lawyer, three-piece suit has long been injected into his soul. At the beginning of the first season, Harvey laughed at Mike's $ 1,000 knife and five suit. A suit of custom suits, for him, essential elite men. In fact, the origin of the American suit or from the United Kingdom. At a time when corrupt people were pinching their trousers and wearing suits as casual wear in the country, the Americans earlier took the suit as a formal dress and vigorously promoted it to become a commercial popularization garment. So in a variety of US drama, suit male image is great. After all, suits in the United States as business wear has a long history. Speaking of the historical and cultural suit, we must talk about the origin of the suit - the United Kingdom. Do not remember this year's "Kingsman" fire, secret agent headquarters hidden in a high-end custom clothing store, the store's prototype Savile Row veteran custom store - Huntsman. The typical British gentleman's suit is of course also a high-level custom, coquettish double-breasted so that the audience are boiling, so handsome. This is a typical British suit. Fabric thick, emphasis on shoulder line, waistline and chest line, the pursuit of tough armor sense, in short, must look stiff, look more formal cautious. Another place to carry forward the suit culture is Italy. Pitti uomo, known as "tide party", you must have heard it. It lets everyone know that this country in Italy, in addition to a variety of romantic cities, there is courage to not suit. Compared with the British suits, pitti uomo on a variety of suits, is simply another world. It is not without reason that the suits of Italian men have changed. The difference in climate and geographical location is destined to change it. Italian-style tailoring emphasis on comfort, the pursuit of natural lines, coupled with their jumping colors and styles, as well as thin fabrics, fashion sense is very strong. In fact, tailored version of the Asian suit is still inscribed version of England, but a slight improvement, improved collar width, sleeve height, shoulder pads and other issues so that the suit is more suitable for our stature, and now integrated into the Italian-style fashion sense, It can be said is very place. The phrase suit is not suitable for Asians wear, really is a very serious concept. Give up this idea. Do not let your low grade, knocked all Asians. In a sense, the suit is not only worn on the body of a dress, but also a symbol of civilization, a man's magic charm, even in the July season of fire, the elite shuttle in the office is also a A suits suit, TARGUO sales data is also evident that the sales of suits has been high, which shows that more and more Asians are increasingly international demand for suits, the details are More and more demanding! Take your good taste, you wear a suit, not a suit to wear you. As long as you take a good ride, no one can hold a suit. TARGUO to pick a suit tailored for you!

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