NAERSI Naersi 2015 autumn and winter women's advertising large

In 2015 autumn and winter, NAERSI entered Nordic. Self-confident independent women meet the happy country unexpectedly. In pure and refined Scandinavian style, it is fashionable and elegant. Inheriting a comfortable and comfortable style without losing a variety of styles, it is a modern and refined tone that adds European classics and interprets Scandinavian aesthetics.

Women's Knitted Dress

Women's Knitted Dress is a form of using knitting needles to form loops of various raw materials and yarns, and then connect them to form a skirt. The knitted material is soft, has good wrinkle resistance and breathability, and has greater extensibility and elasticity, and is comfortable to wear. Women's Knitted Dress is perfect for all seasons. Wear Knitted Dress for wedding party, cocktail, dinner, Office and leisure is good.

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Women's Crew Neck Dress, Women's Short Sleeve Sweater Dress, Women's V-neck Elegant Dress, Women's Long Sleeve Dress, Women's Sleeveless Knitted Dress

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