The reason why men also want to buy jade is so full.

Jade is the favorite of men and women in the world. Men love jade, love is hard to divide, the jade is made into a waist card, pendants, town house ornaments, set with a knife, even at the expense of jade, gold crown, jade belt and other jade into the tomb. Emerald is a symbol of man's power and wealth.


Women love jade more, love is intoxicated, whether it is a bracelet in the wrist, or just a simple hairpin, are engraved with moving stories. Or a passionate love, or the rise and fall of the family. Emerald, carrying the emotions of women, records the love that women have acquired and represents the charm of women.

Women love jade, because they are beautiful, pure, rare, and valuable, which fits the woman's inner yearning for love. What is the expression of love for women? It is also necessary to spend a lot of words, be diligent, and ask for help, but it is far less convincing than a precious jade.

A piece of love is over, memories are dim day, and the image is also yellow in the bottom of my heart. Only one piece of jade, looking through the time, still shines. That is the story of a woman locked in the heart, letting the years go by, still as deep and pure as spring water. What does it prove to be a man's love? The vows are far less convincing than a ring that proposes marriage. Marriage proposal is the highest compliment to a woman. You wear a string of moving necklaces for her, even if she is a normal woman, at that moment, she is a shining queen.


A man who is not willing to buy an emerald for a woman, it is hard to say that she really loves her. If you have money, you can buy expensive ice-type emperor green bracelets; no money, send a crystal clear glass egg noodles, or a simple pendant, will still be cherished by your woman. Women's jade is not only for dressing up, showing off, but more importantly, it is a token of love. If love is gone, no amount of jade can comfort the woman's heartache. If the heart is like a grass, Du Shi Niang will be angry with the treasure chest. Mei Long, who has fallen out of her favor for many years, received the pearl from the Emperor of the Tang Dynasty, but she sighed: "The long door is not groomed all the time, why should the pearl be soothing?"

A woman who is pure and clean is also inseparable from the makeup of the emerald. The beautiful and noble woman in the heart makes the jade become her own foil; the beautiful and vulgar woman on the outside makes herself a background of jade. A woman with connotation and self-cultivation, the jade and the pearl are combined; the woman with a pale inner hollow, even if submerged in the glory of the pearl, still has no look.

No matter the Empress Dowager Cixi and Song Meiling, the power of the great power can not transfer the fascination of women to the jade, and the high power can not replace their desire for love. Even if the jade piles up like a mountain, their love is nothing more than the gift of their beloved man. In the dark night, they must touch the emeralds that symbolize love again and again, happy or sadly to understand their daughter's heart and woman's feelings.


Jade can also bring a sense of security to women. It is the last wave of women's economic waves. At a critical juncture, the secular value of jade brings a little bit of peace to women. Jade is also a woman's private money. In history, they have generously donated money for the victims, and they have been redeemed for their unfortunate self.

Emerald is still a woman's love and blessing to the children and grandchildren. The jade is passed on to her daughter, daughter-in-law, grandchildren... It is the long-lasting love and blessing of women. Emerald is best received as a gift from a man and from an elder. The woman who bought the emerald for herself, behind the gorgeous high, there is always a sigh of sadness.

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