The benefits of improving the planarity of dye molecules

The Novacron LS type reactive dye developed by Huntsman is a low-salt reactive dye, and LS is suitable for low salt dyeing. The double-fluorine s-triazine active groups in the molecular structure are connected by a special bridging structure, and the relative molecular mass is large, the planarity is very good, the steric hindrance of the linking group and the active group is small, and the fiber is very high. The directness.

This set of dyes is characterized by good solubility, medium reactivity, high bond fastness, dye uptake rate up to 907%, fixation rate up to 90%, low salt content (about 1/1 of the general reactive dyes). 3 ~ 1/2), used for the high-dyeing process of cellulose and its blended fabrics, is insensitive to changes in salt and bath ratios, and can guarantee the accuracy of dyeing even when the batch and bath ratio vary considerably. , Excellent leveling and reproducibility.

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