Children's lace shirt with summer chiffon shirt with

Are you stylish enough? However, now the dress is based on fashion, many people are slowly pursuing fashion, but sometimes we feel the catch up with the same fashion, there is always a touching feeling, choose their own clothing are like that, then Not to mention children's dress up, cool than Le Chloe lace chiffon shirt with the match, in the end is lace or chiffon it? Let's take a look. Green color is very fresh, this lace stitching chiffon fabric shirt, shirt collar design is very cute, with a light-colored printed jeans, this dress should be regarded as a classic but also very attractive, fashion glamor dress is A classic piece of life in the bridge, cool than Le children wear lace chiffon shirt with classic jeans stylish and very cute. Kids dress more and more mature, but when we choose adult clothing can not directly dress like this, it seems that children lost their cute playful, cool than music children's yellow chiffon shirt style, chiffon and cotton fabrics want With summer clothing there are always more than two kinds of fabrics want to stitching, lower body with a white leggings, refreshing.

Recycled Polyester Fabric

Recycled polyester fiber is actually recycled polyester fabric. The regeneration process includes powder washing, drying and spinning. The fiber lengths are different, about 32-102 mm. According to the length, it can be divided into long fiber and short fiber, in which short fiber includes many varieties. It can be used in filling, clothing, furniture and other industries.

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