Warmly celebrate the Kaifeng Clothing Co., Ltd. Henan Branch Zhengzhou World Trade Center grand opening

Warmly celebrate the Kaifeng Clothing Co., Ltd. Zhengzhou branch of the flagship store in Zhengzhou grand opening for the Kaifu Nei Er market to enter the new army. This is where every elegant woman can not help but stop there, soft lighting, pure colors and exquisite metal showcases, creating a romantic and comfortable fashion world.

The store crystal clear crystal glass decoration, decorative metal border to shop more luxurious atmosphere. Simple and elegant display showcase sets Chennai children's products refined elegance. A piece of summer new, people feel exquisite but retain the unique style of natural femininity, and combines the soft and simple lines, with changing and stylish design, coupled with meticulous workmanship, pay attention to wear and fashion Balance, so that modern women shine with the charming style of women.


In the Chennai children's clothing store, the design team also tailored for each set of personalized clothing accessories, creating a unique Vanneal Kaunai clothing, so that women are free from the troubles. Let every woman in the world of fashion Chennai miraculously transformed, so that all the women who love Vnneal can become a beautiful scenery.

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