Men's underwear know how to choose it?

The mentality of buying underwear : The average woman will think there is no design factor men's underwear at the street 10 yuan 3, who wear inside do not know. But in fact to buy men's underwear but also on the style of underwear, texture requirements, but unmarried women see the clerk and ashamed to ask, pick a pleasing to the style of payment to leave. I am here to share with you guys how to choose in the end.

10 underwear by:

Fabric: underwear fabric flexibility is better, absorbent, breathable and functional, front crotch cut three-dimensional;

2. Buy: do not be shy, multi-clerk check; pay attention to check, such as key parts of the car line is smooth;

3. Style: legs are too thick or too thin people should not wear square pants; very thick legs can choose full-length panties, or wrapping half-height panties;


4. Color: The color of underwear should always be consistent with the trousers;

5. rest at home: should be considered to wear loose pants, so that the weekdays are free to restrain the baby rocking.

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