Congratulations Victoria'sSecretshow a successful event will be held in Shenzhen

Shanghai Mai Si Investment Management Co., Ltd. to Victoria's Secret headquarters, December 5 Victoria's Secret show a successful conclusion, the scene full, reaching more than 8,000 people, like Victoria's Secret's friends who are you present it, the next held in Shenzhen, Partners expect it!



Victoria's Secret show ended on December 5, and the event was very successful. The number of visitors was already full. I believe there are many friends who like Victoria's Secret. There is no rare spot on the scene, but it does not matter. Victoria's Secret show next held in Shenzhen, hope partners do not miss slightly, let us look forward to the next surprise.


Victoria's Secret show has just begun, applause, screams have not stopped, red sexy lingerie , the fate of you still hold live? Sexy black black red color stripes embellishment, so sexy more wild, whether it is red or black can make you sexy no doubt.

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