Green grape stone effect

Today Xiaobian leads everyone to learn about the grapevine. Grape stone, also known as "green peony" grape stone transparent texture, elegant light green, watery and transparent transparency, like the appearance of the top ice jade, and the price is economical, it is easy to cause market resonance.

Green grape stone effect

Grape stones are a silicate mineral that usually appears in the voids of igneous rocks, sometimes on stalactites. The color of the grape stone ranges from light green to gray, as well as white, yellow and red, but the common color is green. Both transparent and translucent. They are in the form of plates, sheets, grapes, kidneys, radial or massive aggregates. A good quality grape stone can be used as a gemstone. This gem is known as the Cape of Good Hope emerald.

The role of green grape stone

1. Grape stone can make thinking clear and have the power to improve the sense of intuition.

2, in the modernization of information flooding, thinking more and therefore become confused, grape stone can guide you to choose the most suitable road.

3, when the setback becomes negative, wearing grape stone can enhance perseverance and improve patience, guiding you to achieve your goals.

The role of green grape stone has a very positive effect on people. Negative people can wear it for a long time, and it may help you magically.

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