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With the deepening of the winter, the coming of Christmas slowly, the festive atmosphere is also more intense, the Christmas-themed costumes and other fashion items on the market are showing up in front of us. Of course, urban women's wardrobe is no exception, the romantic Christmas 2013 new winter series new, brilliant color is bound to melt the entire winter, take a look at it.


Even if the advent of winter, the beautiful still not diminishing points, you want to show a good figure, sweater jacket is set on the last choice, this year is very popular with girls ginger shape, definitely give the immediate feeling of warmth. Short styling lightweight self-cultivation, with sapphire blue pencil pants, elegant modern full sense.

圣诞节穿什么衣服  城市衣柜圣诞系列甜美上市

This winter is still continuing the fall of the colorful colors, visually full of sunny enthusiasm. Romantic noble rose red is one of the popular colors this winter. In the long sweater make you get rid of the bloated jacket, but also has the right warmth and comfort, sweet pineapple pattern make your Christmas more attractive.

圣诞节穿什么衣服  城市衣柜圣诞系列甜美上市

Deep blue, but with the escape of the light, beautiful like immersed in the endless lake in the quiet, quietly filled with a touch of ripples. Slim long paragraph down jacket without fear of cold, but also with stylish elegance. White fur between the collar and cuffs, like a lot of white clouds in the blue dotted, black belt to show good posture. Christmas is coming you are the heroine.

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