2012 ladies boudoir underwear will be crowned CCTV ads

Ladylike beauty is the perfect embodiment of "beautiful angel", she was born in the world's most romantic and fashion country - Italy, her growth, accompanied by Florence's classical romance, the poetic flavor of the Venice River, feel the ancient The magnificence of the Colosseum, looking up to the magical towering tower of the Leaning Tower ...


Ladies ladies, with its irresistible charm conquered the world's tens of thousands of women, has been countless extraordinary refined, elegant women's attention, and the Victoria's Secret, Lise Charmel and other brands, known as the world's women's underwear ten Big brand, she has successively won the "Most Italian Brands Advocated by Chinese Consumers", "Top 10 Fashion Brands in Global Underwear" and "Top Ten Beautiful Brands in the Heart of the Global Female" and "The Most Trustworthy Brand in Consumers" Honor, portrait interpretation of fashion and romance in Florence, Italy.


2012 is the ladylike boudoir to open up the mainland market for the fourth year, in order to fully enhance the brand image and enhance brand awareness, ladies boudoir lingerie in Hong Kong filmed the feature film "ladylike lingerie noble" from the inherent self-confidence, beautiful and sexy Gurlique Brazil models will be ladylike boudoir sexy sexy interpretation of the sultry. The feature film has been submitted to the Central Committee 3, the Central Committee 2 2, the Central 7 sets of bid for bidding and is expected to board this year's CCTV CCTV's golden advertising spots, please ladies ladylike friends pay more attention.

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