State football handsome silver suit expedition Asian Cup high price said to be false

Chinese men's football in West Asia attracted attention, and even clothes have become the focus of discussion. As the Chinese team all dressed in glamorous bright silver suits, very eye-catching, media reports said the Chinese Football Association specifically looking for a domestic suit manufacturers to sponsor the form of coaches, players tailored to suit suits. According to insiders revealed that the market price of each player package over 100,000. Before departure, the coaching staff specifically asked players to go out and buy the belts and shoes with suits. Football players handsome appearances on the network exposure immediately aroused the hot netizens, many users are feeling: "beautiful is beautiful, do not know if the stadium can also be beautiful." Chinese football team through the official microblogging fans New Year greetings, at the same time on the national team clothing reported response. This Weibo said that this Chinese team sponsor a group to provide a uniform team, but the national team set off every suit worth 100000 yuan is completely unfounded random speculation.