Muzi clothing 2014 summer new market leader women into the fashion industry

Muzi Baba women with its simple and free style, fresh and natural style sought after by many girls love fashion. The summer of 2014, this wonderful romantic season, so Muzi clothes along with us into the fashion border. The new products of 2014 inherit the style of the past and blend in with the trendy atmosphere, providing us a batch of exquisite pieces.


Light pink has always been the exclusive color of the little girl, the skin by age, women will shape the youth literature and art. Beautiful jacquard sweater beautiful, you can see the brand's attention to detail. Irregular swallowtail skirt light and playful, very lovable.

木子衣芭2014年夏装新品上市 领衔女性步入时尚界

Simple style is also a manifestation of fashion. This white cotton t-shirt embellished by a small black buckle, classic and retro, comfortable fabrics, ten-point personal absorbent. The following with a small red brick skirt, filling art literary children.

木子衣芭2014年夏装新品上市 领衔女性步入时尚界

The style of this t-shirt t-shirt, the overall gray line, low-key colors reveal a woman's self-confidence and temperament. For pregnant women or larger belly fat women, this is definitely a very wise choice. Printed embellishment, lace stitching, are very stylish.

木子衣芭2014年夏装新品上市 领衔女性步入时尚界

This dress is very unique, pink and white gradient colors, gives a very good visual effects. Left and right asymmetrical sleeves is a new trend. White belt outline the charming waist of a woman. The following with a gray pencil pants will be the United States and the United States.

木子衣芭2014年夏装新品上市 领衔女性步入时尚界

Classic round neck, set off the woman's clavicle curve is very charming, white and blue hit the color is very exciting, irregular clothing is also very personal, simple and sharp dress will be your style? You should have such a new style.

Picture from: Muzi clothes Ba Women