3 15 anti-counterfeiting topic: love to wear underwear - bra false statement feature


With the rapid development of the Internet market, many criminals also smell some gray areas from the Internet market. More and more underwear enterprises relying on the network platform to promote counterfeit love brand underwear , and in the network platform to sell counterfeit love brand series of underwear. To our company Shenzhen Ai Dai underwear Co., Ltd. and partners bring great trouble and loss. Shenzhen Ai Dai underwear statement: called on the vast number of consumer friends together to resolutely crack down on the love of the brand, agents / franchisees of the various illegal activities.

As we all know: Shenzhen Ai Dai underwear Co., Ltd. was established in 2003, is a collection research and development, design, production, sales, training and service as one of the major integrated underwear business. Has won wide trust and recognition from all walks of life in the society and has been awarded the title of "Famous Brand of China" by "Famous Brand Product of Guangdong" and "Product Certification Certificate of China Meridian Association", and awarded by the Organizing Committee of China Quality Leading Enterprise Investigation " The most trusted consumers, quality assured brand. " Love brand underwear heritage of the essence of the lingerie culture, a deep understanding of the real needs of modern women's underwear, in fact, to serve the health of women. Love underwear brand as the founder of "Meridian conditioning underwear," advocating the concept of organic life, "elegant sexy fashion," the era of charm, a modern fashion underwear industry logo!



At the same time, Shenzhen Ai Dai underwear Co., Ltd. and Chinese Meridian Association will work together to develop the love meridian conditioning underwear through the Chinese Medical Meridian Association of the authority certification, with its unique meridian conditioning function and novel and refined innovative process design, integration of elegance , The health of fashion elements, become the only one in the underwear industry in the meridian conditioning and health underwear underwear brand combination. In the market won the attention and love of women in society as a whole, in particular, lingerie exhibition gorgeous debut, love to become avant-garde fashion underwear brand, "on behalf of love, love and wear" has become the ultimate in today's social fashion and fashion health aims.

Aidai Love Dai held by Shenzhen Ai Dai Underwear Co., Ltd. has already passed the examination and certification of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce of the People's Republic of China and has approved the use of the 25th category of goods with the force of law. And is the only registered trademark of the State Trademark Class Twenty-five approved use of trademarks (love trademark registration number: No. 3513595) is protected by law, but also China's real love-brand underwear!


At the same time to the respect of the national agents, distributors who, in the agency and business love and brand homonym, homonym underwear must have a sense of self-protection and self-protection awareness, to avoid affecting your interests and terminal reputation. Finally, I sincerely thank friends from all walks of life for the love of brand trust and support over the years, the company will work with you to defend love, hand in hand love the dream, I believe the power of the brand! Create brilliant.

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The following love to teach you to wear four steps to wear underwear.

Step 1 Upper body tilted 45 degrees forward, hand through the shoulder strap, so that the shoulder strap hanging on the shoulder. Note: If you are standing straight and wear underwear, it is difficult to put all the breasts cup, the final formation of the wrong way to wear, the breast deformation.

Step 2 Adjust the shoulder straps Finally look up chest, adjust the straps to feel the most comfortable position. Ordinary body shape of the shoulder strap should be about 3 cm below the position. This is the best place to show a natural curve.

Step 3 Hook the buckle after the buckle side of the meat to maintain the forward tilt position, hook the buckle, and then put the breast in the cup. Next, the bottom of the breast fat, more meat into the middle of the drag into the collection, then the armpit part, and finally to the top, so as to make the breast fullness, its effectiveness will not have done such people were shocked .

Step 4 Finally check the moving shoulder, raise your hand to see if the shoulder strap will fall off? Is the breast in the center of the cup? Bra center is smooth? Underarm fat is incorporated into the cup? Is the shoulder strap horizontal?

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